Pricing Plans

Our Base Tiers for hosting IoT Cloud Servers start with three base plans, However additional resources can be allocated with support ticket request.

Starting At $9.99

IoT Core Lite

For those that need just a little bit more oomph. The increased CPU Count, Ram, and Disk storage is sure to satiate a standard home installation.

Starting At $29.99

IoT Core Medium

For those that want to get try out our service or those that are just getting started with a IoT Automation!

Starting At $49.99

IoT Core Heavy

For those that need a lot of Power, Space and Speed! Ideal for the hobbyiest, Automation engineer who integrates multiple services or has a power hungry application.

Services Included

    • We provide optional backups, security check ups, consulations and many other features. Currently requests that are not advertised should be submited via a support ticket or pre-sales ticket.
      We offer a Service Change/Swap, Limited Refund and service credit guarantee.
      We Strive to provide stable infrastructure as we go, uptime has been monitored at 99.1% as an average over the last 3 years.
  • 24/7/365 Support

    An Army of One, automated by bots, at least for now! Send in any question to our support and we will get to it as soon as we can!

    45 Day Guarantee

    We know that sometimes we buy more than we need, or we get a lemon at times. We understand this and have a flexible Guarantee to provide you the proper services.

    99.1% Uptime

    Working for the past decade as Web Hosting Engineer and Cloud Disaster Recovery Specialist, we have the know how to help keep your applications up and running.

    General FAQ

    Here are the top questions asked about IoT core hosting. Should have any others, feel free to submit a pre-sales ticket for more information!

    IoT Core Hosting is a Ubuntu 20.04 on ZFS installation, with the latest version of Home Assistant, Jenkins, Ansible and many other packges. The Goal of this is to provide a redudant back up to your Home Automation System, not to replace it.

    We will help all customers with copying their existing installation settings to their new IoT Core VPS. Simply submit a support ticket and we will get to work with you on getting that setup. As this can vary based on how you installed your Home Assistant to begin with.

    Well should the order have gone through succesfully you should have received an email. The server is likley provisioning and will be ready shortly. If you don't get a SECOND email with login details please contact our support so they can look into any issues with your order or the provisioning process.